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How to setup an Apple iPhone or iPad for use with SEI Data Email.

From your Home screen, click on "Settings".
Scroll down to and select "Passwords & Accounts".
If you don't see "Passwords & Accounts" - try these instructions.
Select "Add Account".
Followed by "Other".
Then select "Add Mail Account".
Enter your name however you wish it to display for those you email. The description is how the account will be identified to you in your Mail app.
Select "Next".
Enter "" for the Host Name under both Incoming and Outgoing mail servers.

You will also need to re-enter your User Name (without the and Password under both Incoming and Outgoing Mail Servers.

** NOTE that even though under Outgoing it says the User Name and Password are optional, they are required by SEI Data if you intend to send email when not home.

Don't forget to populate the Outgoing Mail Server...
Click "Next".
You are now done, but we should verify that the Outgoing password was saved.
Select the account you just created.
Select your account again.
Under Outgoing Mail Server, select the SMTP value (
Select the Primary Server value (
If the Password is missing, re-enter it.
Select "Done".
Select "Account".
Select "Done". Your SEI Data email should now be accessable on your iPhone/iPad using the Mail app from your Home screen.

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