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Calling Features Explained

Anonymous Call Rejection - Allows you to block suppressed numbers within your exchange. Callers will receive a recording that they need to unblock their telephone number and call back in order for their call to be connected.
*77 - Activate / *87 - Deactivate

Automatic Call Back - Continually attempts to redial a busy number and will ring your phone when the number is no longer busy.
*66 - Activate / *86 - Deactivate

Automatic Recall - This feature automatically redials the last call that you received. Does not apply to blocked telephone numbers or a telephone number outside of your exchange.
*69 - Activate / *89 - Deactivate

Call Forward - Allows you to forward your calls to another number so you never miss an important call.
*72 - Activate / *73 - Deactivate

Call Forward Busy - Allows you to forward incoming calls to your voice mail or to another number when you are on the line. Long distance charges will apply when forwarding to a long distance number.
*90 - Activate / *91 - Deactivate

Call Forward No Answer - If a call placed to your number is not answered within a certain number of rings, it will be redirected to another number of your choice - voice mail box, cell phone, etc. Long distance charges apply when forwarding to a long distance number.
*92 - Activate / *93 - Deactivate

Call Waiting - Allows you to receive incoming calls even if you're on the phone. A beep indicates that you have an incoming call.

Caller Name and Number - Allows you to screen your calls by displaying the name and number before answering the phone. A separate display unit or a telephone CID capability is required.

One Plus Blocking - Allows you to set up a 4-digit code that would need to be dialed in order to place a long distance call. Note this feature will not block operator-handled calls.

Selective Call Acceptance - Allows you to create a list of telephone numbers that you want to accept. All other callers will receive an announcement that calls are not being accepted at this time. This feature only works in your telephone exchange.
*64 - Activate / *64 - Deactivate

Selective Call Forward - Allows you to create a list of telephone numbers that will forward to your Selective Call Forward number. All other calls will be routed to your home phone.
*63 - Activate / *63 - Deactivate

Speed Dial 8 - Allows you to store eight frequently dialed numbers.

Speed Dial 30 - Allows you to store thirty frequently dialed numbers.

3 Way Calling - Allows you to speak with two different people in two different locations at the same time. Parties are disconnected when you hang up.

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